I'm an experienced designer with skill in art direction, product design and UI/UX design. I spent 11 years at Braun and Oral-B in Germany working with an incredible team of industrial designers, engineers, researchers and developers to create the worlds first connected smart toothbrush and many other award winning products.

Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles of Design are still held in the highest regard within the company, and the design team is integral in all stages of product creation. In my time there I was involved in everything from initial product ideation to factory visits to approve colour, material and printing processes. My main focus was on the interaction design of Oral-B electric toothbrushes and the creation of apps and other devices to help improve a user’s brushing quality and behaviour. In these projects, I worked along side R&D, Engineering and Marketing teams to establish a concept and design for several digital and physical products, evolving a hardware product in 2006 to an award winning app and digital experience in 2017.

Much of my work for Braun related to conveying information to users in the clearest possible way. I was responsible for the graphic design of many of the displays in various products ranging from shavers and hair styling products to clocks and watches (everything from simple segmented black and white LCDs to full colour OLED screens to finely printed analogue watch faces). I also led the design for the first Braun branded iPhone/Android apps, helping to establish a digital design language to compliment the evolving product design language.

Extra paragraph about icon design, campus design and using design and technology to streamline internal processes.

Products I’ve worked on have been honoured with several design awards including the German Design Award Gold, IF Awards and Red Dot Awards.